Smooth strings:

The strings I use: Karakal Evolution 115 (colour options of orange, silver and black) - £21 - a high performance string offering superior precision and control in a relatively thin gauge. Pre-tensioned meaning that the string will not slacken over time.

Textured strings:

Ashaway Supernick XL Micro 1.15mm (black with white spiral) - £20 - a braided multi-filament which feels rough to the touch and is able to grip the ball allowing for excellent control in a relatively thin gauge.

Karakal Nano 125 (grey with black spiral) - £20 - similar to the Supernick but slightly more durable as it is thicker.

Ashaway Powernick 1.25mm (dark red) - £22 - a mono-filament string providing excellent durability due to its construction.

Budget strings:

Karakal Classic 130 - £15 - a good budget option.


Karakal PU Grips - £3 - world's leading grip. Range of colours, please enquire.

Crashtape - £1 - to protect your racket's grommet strip.


24hr service: +£5.

Collection and drop-off available in the Cambridge area. Get in touch!

Let me know if you want a specific tension.



Hello! I'm Ali, a professional squash player and coach based in Cambridge, UK.

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