It is my third season playing the PSA Tour and I have reached my highest ranking thus far, breaking into the top 100 for the first time, reaching 76 in the world.

I travel internationally to PSA events and train in Cambridgeshire with my coach Richard Loke.

I am sponsored by Karakal and use their rackets, shoes, grips, strings, bags and kit. If you are interested in ordering anything for yourself, please get in touch to discuss what you would like!


I use the Karakal SN-90ff racket. This is an extremely light squash racket - the lightest in the world. The frame weighs only 90 grams, with the balance towards the head. To keep the weight down, there is no paintwork and minimal decals.

The advantage of having a very light racket is that you can generate more racket head speed with less force. This makes it a particularly suitable for players who like to generate pace from a short swing or who need precise control of the racket to employ delay and deception.

In terms of durability, Karakal have been perfecting this frame for several years, with this teardrop mould used for several of their rackets. They have an excellent reputation for durability and I have had no problems with breakages. The strings do not rub excessively on each other with each string seated in its own grommet hole (14x19 pattern).

This is an ideal racket for those who are looking to play with more finesse and precision while generating power through rapid acceleration of the racket head.


I use the Karakal Evolution strings

At a relatively thin gauge of 1.15mm, they provide a crisp hit and excellent feel on the ball.

As the Evolution string is pre-tensioned, you should string this much lower than you would with other strings (around 4-5lbs lower than a conventional string). A big advantage of the pre-tensioned string is that your strings do not slacken over time - so the string feels the same freshly restrung as it does after months of play.

I really like the Evolution string. I have no problems with excess breakages, and they play as you would expect from a premium string.


I use the Karakal Prolite court shoe.

These shoes are lightweight, and have a flexible sole, which is essential in allowing the foot and toes to flex in a natural way when moving around the court. The design of the sole has deep grooves at the ball of the foot to allow maximum flexibility and free movement of the foot. There is a slight protrusion on the outside of the forefoot on each shoe which serves to reduce the risk of going over your ankle and increases stability.

The shoes are well cushioned and comfortable. My feet are fairly narrow but widen out towards the toes. Because of the looping design, the laces do not dig in at any point and there is good padding along the tongue to avoid any rubbing. I also think they offer excellent value for money and I like the new season's colours of black with a light grey sole.


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Hello! I'm Ali, a professional squash player and coach based in Cambridge, UK.

Get in touch with me here.